Ductless AC in Brunswick, MEAdding a ductless AC in Brunswick, ME is a great way to manage your indoor air for ultimate comfort. Traditional residential AC systems don’t always fill the entire home with cold air. The way around that is to install a quality mini-split unit in rooms that get too hot to use. You’ll enjoy an instant upgrade without much effort when you purchase a mini-split setup. We recommend a Daikin mini-split to keep yourself in the cold zone on summer days. Dog House is your go-to installer for improving your indoor comfort at home.

    Ductless AC Installations in Brunswick

    If you’ve noticed that your central AC system can’t quite cool down your west-facing rooms, that’s not unusual. These rooms often need a boost of cold air that only a ductless mini-split product can provide. The installation process happens easily. Our HVAC company technicians will mount your ductless indoor unit on the wall or ceiling in the specified room and connect it to an outdoor condenser. The conduit housing the electrical, refrigerant tubing, and condensate drain runs through the wall your unit mounts on. It exits through an exterior wall to connect to the outdoor unit.

    Daikin single-zone air conditioners feature reliable cooling indoors and compact, quiet outdoor units. They’re operated via a remote control that comes with the product. There are no air ducts required to use this type of air conditioner. That means less cost, less work needed during the installation process, and easy annual maintenance. You’re in complete control of your indoor comfort, and you’ll select the exact temperature you require. Mini-split units are also known to support increased comfort, better air quality, and an improved sleeping environment.

    There are many benefits homeowners enjoy when they choose mini-split products for their property.
    • Dependable cold temperatures
    • Easy on and off operation
    • Energy-efficient cooling
    • Targeted air control
    Professional Daikin Mini-Split Service Company

    Are you wondering how you’re going to pay for your new duct-free system? Relax, we offer financing options on approved credit for many of the products we install. Qualifying happens quickly with a simple application. Just let us know if you’re interested in this easy option.

    Professional Daikin Mini-Split Service Company

    Dog House offers world-class service for all types of home comfort systems. We’ve delivered experienced workmanship to our customers since 2010. We hire factory-trained technicians to install and service home temperature systems. Our customers save money with our ENERGY STAR recommendations. We’re proud to focus on energy-efficient products and solutions. Ask us about our seasonal discounts and specials to save even more on needed services.

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    Give the team at Dog House a call today to find out more about installing a ductless AC system in Brunswick. We also provide mini-split ACs in Freeport, Portland, Yarmouth, and the surrounding areas.