Mitsubishi Heat Pump in Portland, MEIf you need a Mitsubishi heat pump in Portland, ME, then contact our team at Dog House ASAP. Mitsubishi provides an excellent mini-split that pulls in warm and cool air when you need heating and cooling. It allows for excellent control over your HVAC needs by allowing you to place multiple air handling units in the rooms you want. You’ll be able to control how much heating or cooling you want in each room, so if one’s empty, you don’t have to cool or warm it. We can also install the unit in the ceiling or floor, instead of the wall if you want. If a flexible unit that gives you heating and cooling as you want sounds like a good option, then contact us today.

    Local Mitsubishi Heat Pump Experts in Portland

    If you properly maintain your mini-split with the help of an experienced professional, then your unit should last around twenty years. Regular yearly tune-ups are a good idea as some manufacturers will require it if you wish to maintain your warranty. It will allow your unit to work as it should and extend its lifespan. It will also lower the chances of your unit needing a major repair and allow any issues to be dealt with before they become a problem. If you want to keep your unit healthy as well as prevent an increased energy bill over time, then trust our team to help you out. We can do yearly tune-ups for your unit whenever you need them.

    If you are still unsure about the benefits mini-split can provide, then here are a few more reasons to convince you:
    • Control the temps as you want in select rooms
    • It’s a flexible installation
    • Works in duct-free homes
    • They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly
    Local Mitsubishi Heat Pump Experts in Portland

    Trustworthy Mini-Split Installation Professionals

    Dog House is proud to assist Portland residents with all their HVAC needs. We can be at your home right away to provide you with the heating and cooling you need. We will do the best job we can by being as thorough as possible and making sure nothing is overlooked. Our goal is to gain your trust and satisfaction and we do that by going above and beyond with our home comfort assistance. We make sure no issues show up after we finish our job so you can have peace of mind.

    If you are a resident who needs a Mitsubishi heat pump in Portland, then contact Dog House today!

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    We also offer mini-splits in Freeport and Yarmouth.