tankless water heaterWhen you need tankless water heater repair in Brunswick, ME, you likely want it fast and reliable. Unlike water heaters with tanks, tankless heaters only provide hot water when needed. So, if something wrong happens, you need to have it repaired immediately to ensure a continuous hot water supply.

    Tankless water heaters offer multiple benefits. They drastically save you heating costs since they don’t store hot water. Secondly, they have fewer components, making them easy to maintain and install. And lastly, they are more compact, requiring less space. However, like any other machine, they break down and have a life span.

    Our skilled team of plumbers will handle any repairs for you. You can also depend on our tankless water heater replacement services if you need to replace an old one.

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    Tankless Water Heater Repair Signs

    Any water heater repair process starts with you noticing something is wrong. Fortunately, tankless water heaters will give you clear, easy-to-notice signs. For starters, you’ll experience a deterioration of water quality in your Brunswick home. The water becomes rusty and starts to give a foul, unbearable smell. These signs may sometimes signal a different plumbing problem, so calling professionals for an inspection is essential.

    You may also experience temperature fluctuations in your hot water. It will happen even when you set the temperatures high. Sometimes, you’ll also realize the hot water keeps running out, signaling breaks in heating. The water pressure will also go down, indicating a blockage or leakage in the system. Other signs of tankless water heater problems include unusual sounds, the system going on and off, and physical damage.

    Our tankless water heater repairs include dealing with issues such as:
    • Clogged lines
    • Fuel or electrical source problems
    • Physical damage
    • Heat exchanger damage

    Your tankless water heater is susceptible to damage and wear like any other machine. That’s why you need professional water heater installation and a quick response when something goes wrong. You must immediately look for water heater repair services to restore efficiency and prevent further damage. Our skilled plumbers will quickly patch up things for you. If the system wears out or becomes too expensive to repair, you can benefit from our tankless water heater replacement services.

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    Brunswick Tankless Water Heater Repair

    Finding the best tankless water heater service experts is critical to a continuous hot water supply. We have over 20 years of experience handling different types of water heaters. Our team of experienced plumbers can handle systems that use gas, electricity, and oil. We work with ENERGY STAR-certified products that save you money.

    We work hard to get the job done the first time. Call Dog House for tankless water heater repair in Brunswick.

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