February 15, 2022
Air Filtration in Freeport, ME

Deciding on the right furnace filters for your family needn’t be difficult. Rather than dealing with confusing features and materials, you can determine the best choice by consulting your manufacturer’s manual or by asking a professional. Purchasing the right filter doesn’t have to be unnecessarily complicated or expensive.

Disposable or Reusable

Determine whether disposables or reusable filters better suit your household’s needs. Disposable filters are more easily accessible and less expensive. Purchase them based on size and MERV rating. They need to be changed frequently, and how often depends on your domestic circumstances. Reusable filters can be regularly washed. They’re more expensive; however, they often last up to five years, are environmentally friendly and can save you money in the long run.

Family Concerns

Consider your ideal air quality based on the health needs of your loved ones. If you have at-risk or immunocompromised family members, you may need to maintain a higher air quality to keep them healthy. You’ll likely have to purchase thicker filters with higher MERV ratings above 12. Additionally, consider the number of pets in your home and how often you’re willing to change your filters.

Professional Advice

If you’re still struggling to choose the best option, contact a professional technician for advice. Experts in the field often carry filters and can replace one for you during regular maintenance or repairs. They can also give you suggestions and potential brands to look into based on your family’s needs and your furnace model. Our technicians at Dog House would be happy to make a recommendation.

Professional Comfort Specialists in Freeport

Turn to Dog House for expert heating, cooling and plumbing services anywhere in Freeport, ME or the surrounding areas. We perform a full range of installations, maintenance and repairs, and we ensure all your systems work flawlessly and efficiently after our visit. Our team of professionals operate with integrity and honesty, always putting the needs of our customers first. We invariably produce outstanding results, and we’ve been doing so since 2010. Call us today to discuss this topic further or arrange an appointment.

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