If you are having trouble with one of your boilers in Freeport, ME, call us at Dog House. Handling boiler services is one of our specialties. Heating with a boiler is very energy efficient here in Maine, where winters are long and very cold. The reason is that the cost of gas is cheaper than the cost of electricity.

    Boilers in Freeport, ME

    According to the Department of Energy, new boilers must have an energy efficiency of 80 or more. The most efficient units have almost perfect energy efficiency. What that means is that they almost perfectly convert every bit of the gas that goes into the system into heat in your house.

    Installing Boilers in Freeport

    Boiler systems heat your home by sending warm water through piping to cast iron registers, baseboards, or pipes in your flooring. This type of heating is called “hydronic heating.” It provides an even heat in your house, without cold spots, because it warms the objects in the air. Home boiler systems tend to last around 15 to 20 years. Older units only had an energy-efficiency rating of 56% to 70%. Thus, they are not as efficient as the newer units on the market today. Just like gas furnaces or other forms of heating, they require regular maintenance so they can run at peak efficiency.

    There are signs to watch for that your boiler may require repair.
    • Strange sounds
    • Leaks
    • Water not pumping through system
    • Electrical system failure
    • Water in system frozen

    If you have any of these symptoms, don’t wait to call. We will come out and assess the issue to get your boiler up and running properly right away. If you have an older boiler, a new, energy-efficient unit will save you on fuel costs each month. That will help you recoup the cost of a new unit over time.

    Installing Boilers in Freeport

    Expert Boiler Services in Freeport

    Here at Dog House in Freeport, we have been providing dependable services for our community’s boilers for the past 12 years. We repair, install, and maintain boiler systems. We can also flush your boiler system. We provide maintenance plan agreements. The goal is to get your heating system up and running quickly, but we also pay careful attention to the details. We are a member of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors’ Association.

    This keeps us abreast of new technology and best practices in the field. We provide low-cost financing on installations on approved credit through Efficiency Maine as well as through private lenders.

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    Call us today at Dog House in Freeport for any of your servicing or installation needs on your boilers. We will keep the heat on. We also provide boiler services in Portland and Yarmouth.