Furnace Maintenance in Portland, MEIf your furnace hasn’t been serviced yet this year, it’s time to schedule furnace maintenance in Portland, ME. Our expert furnace tune-up team can thoroughly service your heating system and alert you of any foreseeable problems. This way, you can get your furnace properly prepared to take on the long winter months.

    Reliable Furnace Maintenance Experts in Portland

    As a homeowner, it’s your job to ensure that your furnace receives professional maintenance on a yearly basis. It’s typically best to plan to have this service performed in the fall before you need to rely on running your furnace every day. If you wait until winter to call for service, it’s likely going to take longer due to an influx of repair calls.

    Taking the time to get your furnace professionally serviced each year can provide you with many great benefits.
    • Extend your furnace’s lifespan
    • Be alerted of any issues
    • Reduce your risk of a breakdown
    • Keep your warranty valid
    • Enhance your indoor air quality

    During the cold winter months in Maine, your family likely spends a lot more time indoors. This makes knowing the quality of your indoor air more critical. When you get your furnace professionally serviced, it will help to enhance your indoor air quality in many different ways. First, having a new air filter installed will work to remove more airborne particles from the air inside of your home.

    Second, the internal components of your furnace will be cleaned, which means fewer airborne particles will be trapped in your ventilation system. Additionally, having your furnace running at peak efficiency helps to circulate more air throughout your home on a consistent basis. The more air that gets moved, the more your air filter can filter out those harmful airborne contaminants that can drastically reduce your indoor air quality level.

    Your Local Furnace Tune-Up Team

    Your Local Furnace Tune-Up TeamDog House is your experienced furnace tune-up team serving Portland and the surrounding areas since 2010. All of our technicians are highly experienced and dedicated to providing our valued customers with world-class service. We’re a locally owned and operated business that is certified by Energy Star.

    Our technicians will travel anywhere in the Portland, ME area, including near the Portland Museum of Art, Portland Head Light, and Allagash Brewing Company.

    If your furnace requires professional maintenance, contact Dog House today to schedule your next service appointment with our experienced technicians. We can also help with heating repair and installation services.

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