Heat Pump Repair and Installation in FreeportIf your heating system has faults, you should call a heat pump repair technician in Freeport, ME. Like most equipment in your home, a timely service can prevent complications in the future. A certified heat pump installation and repair professional can detect issues as soon as they crop up.

    Trusted Heat Pump Repair in Freeport

    When troubleshooting your heat pump, it is advisable to rule out the faults that are simple to fix. So you can start by checking your thermostat settings. If the settings are correct, check if the thermostat is working.

    A professional will spot and correct communication problems between the thermostat and the heat pump. If the device is faulty, sometimes it is best to replace it.

    If the heat pump is constantly running, it could be an issue with airflow. Clearance around the outdoor unit can cause the system to keep cycling. Check if leaves and other debris are blocking the condenser and remove them.

    You may encounter the following signs of a malfunctioning heat pump.

    Expert Heat Pumps

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    • Ice accumulation on the outdoor unit
    • Loud noises from the heat pump
    • Sudden rise in utility bills
    • The heat pump runs constantly

    A frozen coil can also force your system to run continuously in mild weather. Most systems will activate the defrost cycle when there is ice on the outdoor unit. But if the issue persists, your heat pump will require repair services.

    A technician will also refill the refrigerant and fix the reversing valve, if necessary. Issues such as a low refrigerant charge can overwork your system. Therefore, prompt and professional repairs will prevent frequent or total heat pump breakdown.

    Top-notch Heat Pump Installation Freeport

    You can depend on Dog House heat pump installation team for dependable services in Freeport. We’re certified members of ACCA, and we offer quality Energy Star products for your optimal comfort and safety.

    We have a team of highly qualified professionals that can troubleshoot virtually all models and makes of heat pumps. Our team is committed to adhering to the highest standards of service in all tasks we undertake. If your heat pump is approaching the end of its lifetime, our locally-owned service can offer solutions for your home. You can find our team off of Pleasantville Road in Freeport. You can expect us to arrive promptly regardless of where you are in Cumberland County.

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    We also offer heat pump services in Portland, Yarmouth, and the surrounding areas.