Heat Pump Repair and InstallationCall Dog House today for the best heat pump systems in Yarmouth, ME. Our team will provide a fast heat pump installation while answering any questions you might have. Our highly trained technicians will install your heat pump in no time. In order for your home to stay warm and cozy during those winter nights, our heating company will make sure your heat pump system is up and running smoothly. Give our team a call today for your heat pump installation. Since 2010 we have been installing and taking care of heat pumps and leaving customers happy. Contact us now at (207) 865-0989 for excellent service in Yarmouth.

    Expert Heat Pump Service in Yarmouth

    When your heat pump is dying, there can be obvious signs that something isn’t working properly. When this is the case, it may be time for a replacement.

    • If you hear a strange noise, it may be time to call us.
    • If your heat pump system constantly needs repairs, this is another telling sign it could be time for an installation.
    • If your heat pump is older than ten years old, it is time to replace it.
    • Spikes in energy bills could also indicate it’s time for a new system.

    Call us today to save on your energy bill! A heat pump system is essential in making your home warm and comfortable during the winter. Let us help you today!

    Expert Heat Pumps

    Benefits of having a heat pump installed:
    • Energy efficiency
    • Consistent heating
    • Improved indoor air quality
    • Reduced Energy Bills
    • Less maintenance

    Your Heat Pump Installation Team

    At Dog House, we proudly offer the best heat pump installation in Yarmouth. Whatever issue your heat pump is giving you, our team has you covered and can get you taken care of. We pride ourselves on having the most friendly staff. Any questions or concerns you have will always be answered. Our technicians are always on time and ready to service your system. We love our customers, and that is why there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, no matter what.

    Fantastic service, quick customer care, and affordable prices can go hand in hand. Contact Dog House for your heat pump system in Yarmouth today!

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    We also offer heat pumps in Portland, Freeport, Brunswick, and the surrounding areas.