Located in Cumberland County, Yarmouth, ME, is a beautiful suburban community in southern Maine. You’ll find many trails, parks, open spaces and beautiful attractions. The town’s residential community is also considered the most affluent in Maine, and our schools are highly sought after in the state.

    Heating Company in Yarmouth, ME

    While the town boasts a vibrant downtown, it can get pretty cold here in the winter. It gets an average of 62 inches of snow per year. When it’s freezing, you’d want to make sure a reliable heating company can provide exceptional heating services. Dog House is a trusted furnace company committed to making your home comfortable and safe throughout winter.

    Trusted Yarmouth Furnace Company for Repair

    Yarmouth Furnace CompanyYou can’t afford to have a malfunctioning or inefficient furnace when you’re in Yarmouth. Imagine how uncomfortable it would be when it’s freezing, and your unit keeps acting up. We suggest that you contact a heating company asap for a thorough inspection of your unit.

    AtDog House, we promise to fix your furnace the right way. Our technicians are certified and highly skilled in tackling any furnace issue. Rest assured, your unit will be in excellent shape and entirely ready to combat the town’s freezing winters.

    Watch out for these signs and call us ASAP:
    • Rising heating bills
    • Age of your heating system
    • Strange noises from the furnace
    • Visible signs of cracks or rust
    • Excessive dust

    Reliable Heating Company for Replacement

    Fernox MachineOver time, your furnace will start to lose its efficiency. As a result, it may work harder than before to provide you with the same comfort level. While good insulation can help your system, it may not be enough, especially when your furnace is more than 10 to 15 years old.

    If one of your goals is to save money, we suggest that you call our furnace company for an inspection. It may be more cost-effective to get a replacement to ensure you have a fully functioning and more efficient heating system.

    You can rely on Dog House for the professional installation of your furnace. Our technicians are experienced with all makes and models. Rest assured, you’ll be a lot happier with your new furnace.

    Experienced Furnace Company for Maintenance

    Experienced Furnace Company for Maintenance

    Heating systems need regular maintenance to operate at their best. With a regular tune-up, you can expect lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Our team will professionally clean all the components of your system and lubricate moving parts to ensure your home stays safe and comfortable. Also, we’ll let you know if there are problems that need to be addressed.

    As a leading heating company in Yarmouth, Dog House aims to provide top-notch heating services. Contact us today for an appointment.