To new residents, Maine doesn’t sound like a state that needs air conditioning. But to those who’ve been in the state a while, all it takes is one hot, muggy summer in Freeport, Maine, to remind them that air conditioning is necessary. AC Installation in Freeport, MEBeing on the coast does not mean the city gets nice, cool summer weather, and having the ability to walk into a nice, cool home after being outside is absolutely wonderful. If you’ve moved to Freeport, air conditioning installation should be at the top of your to-do list, and we have the team for the job.

    AC Replacement Makes Summer More Bearable

    Whether the house you’re in has no air conditioning currently or has an old unit in need of replacement, Dog House can help you out. There are a number of things that you have to look at when replacing an AC unit. One is the size; if you install a unit that is too powerful for your home, then that can worsen the efficiency of the air conditioner. Not only would you spend too much in utility bills, but you’d never feel quite right in the home in terms of cooling. Another issue is the efficiency rating of the new unit; go for the most efficient model you can afford. Other issues to consider regarding AC replacement are:

    • The power available to the home.
    • The condition of the home’s insulation.
    • Drafts and leaks, and how many you can stop.
    • Whether you have single- or dual-pane windows.

    Contact Dog House for Air Conditioning Installation

    Dog House has helped Freeport’s residents stay cool since 2010. Technicians at the company carry a combined nine different certifications, from Master Plumber and Solid Fuel Technician to BPI Certified and NORA Gold Certified. Contact Dog House for Air Conditioning InstallationAll appliances installed by our technicians are Energy Star-certified, ensuring excellent energy efficiency. And to top it off, the owners are experienced dog rescuers, and your business helps them continue to rescue and foster dogs in need of good homes. The company offers 24-hour emergency service, so you’ll never find yourself without help.

    If you need to have your air conditioning replaced or get a unit installed, contact Dog House in Freeport. We also offer heating installation so you can make your home comfortable and warm during Maine’s freezing winters. We handle all aspects of heating and air conditioning including air conditioning repairs and maintenance. Don’t let your home experience temperature extremes inside – give Dog House a call now.