Freeport Air Conditioner Repair

    When you are in the Freeport, ME area, you will want to keep your home cool and comfortable during the warm, summer months. AC repair services provided by Dog House can do just that. If your air conditioner is not functioning, the team Dog House is a trustworthy choice to fix your system. AC Repair in Freeport, ME

    Overview of AC Repair Services

    During the warm months of the year in Freeport, you’ll want to stay comfortable. While your air conditioner may be quite durable and last a long time, you may eventually need to have it repaired. Some common signs that you will need an air conditioner repair include the following:Overview of Services Provided to Repair Air Conditioner

    • Air conditioner is not producing cold air
    • Increasing energy bills
    • Odd noises coming from the unit
    • Bad smell coming from vents

    There are common signs that your AC system needs to be repaired. When you call Dog House, our technicians can fix the problem that day. This can help ensure your unit is fixed on time and ready to be used. As a result this can help your home stay a great place to escape the heat this summer.

    Why Call Us for Any AC Repair in Freeport

    If you are in need of professional AC repair in the Freeport area, you’ll need an expert. Our team at Dog House has been serving the Freeport area since 2010 and our expert technicians have more than 25 years of experience. You’ll be comforted knowing we can make repairs easy to keep your air conditioner running well. Our technicians are factory trained and NORA-gold certified, which ensures that your air conditioner is receiving the care and support that it needs.

    When you are in need of any air conditioner repair services in the Freeport area, you can call Dog House. Our team will arrive quickly and make any repairs you need to keep your air conditioner running cool all summer long. If you are looking for furnace repair, we offer that as well!

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    Beyond repairs, Dog House can also provide you with any AC maintenance services needed to keep your system running well. If necessary, we can also provide you with full AC installation services if you need a new unit.