November 18, 2021
Furnace Maintenance in Freeport, ME

In the winter, we all tend to spend more time inside of our homes. Ensuring that you have good indoor air quality is essential for both your health and comfort. By applying these tips, you can improve your indoor air quality this winter season.

Schedule Ductwork Inspection and Cleaning

Over time, ductwork tends to accumulate dust and other debris. These allergens are blown around your house every time your heating system runs. This reduces your air quality and creates the need to dust more often.

The changes in air temperatures also put stress on the ducts, which can result in leakages developing. This reduces the efficiency of your system and allows dust into your ducts. Rodents and pests can also make their way into your ductwork, bringing with them allergens, unpleasant smells, and other things that are hazardous to your health.

If you’ve never had your ductwork inspected and cleaned or can’t remember the last time you did, it’s a wise idea to schedule it before turning your heater on for the fall.

Have Your Furnace Cleaned and Maintained

After sitting idle all summer, the inside of your furnace is probably dirty. During your yearly maintenance visit, the HVAC technicians will clean the inside of your unit, look for worn parts, ensure proper airflow, and fine-tune your system. A furnace with adequate airflow and clean filters helps maintain good indoor air quality. This, combined with a tune-up, enhances overall indoor comfort, reliability of the system, and energy efficiency.

Consider Installing an Air Purifier or Air Cleaner

Everyone should have some kind of air purifying system working in tandem with their HVAC system. There are a number of options to choose from. Many can be installed out of sight in the ductwork, usually in the return vent. Some are also virtually maintenance-free, such as UV lights. Combining a UV light with an air purifier will give you the best indoor air possible.

UV lights kill specimens like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores as they pass through it. It does this by breaking down their DNA so that they can’t make you sick or cause asthma attacks. Large debris like dust particles and pet hair can get trapped in the air filter of your system. If you add an air purifier to the equation, you can trap even more particles and significantly enhance your indoor air quality.

Your specific system’s needs should be evaluated by a professional HVAC technician. By not choosing the right indoor air quality solutions, you can actually restrict the air flowing through your unit. This causes a lot of wear and tear and could result in the furnace overheating and shutting down. Reach out to us, and one of our experts will give you the best options for your situation.

We Can Help You Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

At Dog House, we provide services that can help improve your indoor air quality. We offer a full range of products. You can look to us for heating and cooling maintenance, repair, and installation. We also offer plumbing services to our neighbors in the Freeport, Maine, area. Call us today to learn about how we can help you!

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