October 13, 2021
Heater Troubleshooting in Freeport, ME

Heaters are supposed to automatically turn on and off when the room temperature drops and when the room temperature is optimal, respectively. Your heater may, however, continue running in spite of the optimal temperature being achieved. This can frustrate you as your home may experience uncomfortable temperatures, and your energy bills may skyrocket. Below are some of the reasons that could lead to your heater failing to turn off.

Dirty Air Filters

You may often find yourself forgetting to clean your air filter. This can result in your heater running continuously because airflow is limited. If your furnace is not getting sufficient air, it will produce less hot air to distribute to the house. The furnace will therefore have to run overtime to cater for the insufficient supply of hot air. Cleaning your air filters allows your heater to function at peak efficiency and can go a long way in lowering your energy bills.

Your Thermostat Is Faulty

A Thermostat is crucial in the operations of your heater as it turns your heater on and off based on the current room temperature. A damaged thermostat may result in your heater not turning off when necessary. A faulty thermostat could be caused by short-circuiting wires, a non-responsive switch, or a damaged heat sensor. Our technicians will either repair or replace the thermostat based on the damage it has.

Leaking Ductwork

A heating system comprises supply ductwork to supply warm air to your home and return ductwork that carries the cool air back to the furnace. Leaks in supply ductwork can lead to warm air going to the attic instead of your house. The furnace will therefore continue running as it tries to reach the temperature set on the thermostat. This can result in higher utility bills. Our technicians are well versed in duct sealing, and they will fix this for you promptly.

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