May 17, 2022

You may have heard that closing vents in rooms that are not being used saves energy and money by cooling only the areas needed. If you only cool the rooms that you are using right now, your system should use less energy because you are cooling a smaller space, right? This is a common misconception. Although it may lower your energy bill, it is harmful to your air conditioning system in the long run. Why is this bad?

  • Blocks airflow
  • Causes wear and tear
  • Increases air pressure
  • Can damage ductwork
  • Reduces the lifespan of the system

Keep reading to learn what you should do instead.

Restricts Air Flow

People often assume that if they close off vents they are not using, then it will save them money. That might be true on a very small scale. However, the damage that can do to your heating or cooling system is much greater. Closing vents restricts airflow in the system, which can upset the balance of air pressure in the ducting. It puts more strain on the equipment and can cause it to wear out faster. This means that you may save a few pennies now, but you will end up replacing the system sooner than you expected.

Call a Professional

Instead of closing vents to save money, a better idea is to look into zone cooling with a split system for your heating and cooling needs. Zone cooling can be used when you only want to cool a certain area of the house. A new ENERGY STAR-certified appliance can save money and use less energy. If your system works more efficiently, it will naturally save you money without having to cut corners and use risky shortcuts.

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