June 13, 2022
Ac with dampers in Freeport, ME

Your HVAC unit requires many components to work efficiently. If you notice something off, it could be the damper. Learn how dampers work, the types, and common issues in this article.

What Is an HVAC Damper?

An air conditioning damper is an important part of the system, serving as a valve to control airflow. HVAC dampers are commonly installed near the unit base and are mostly found on older units.

They are either motorized, operating on their own, or operate manually, which means you adjust them by hand with a lever. A manual damper is common on older units, while modern ones will likely utilize motorized dampers.

Modern units may also have electrical components, allowing you to control them from the wall thermostat. Manual dampers are simple to operate and cost-efficient but can be harder to find due to being slightly outdated. Motorized dampers give more accurate results and can be controlled remotely, though they are more of an investment.

Common Damper Issues

A common issue with dampers is they may stop opening and closing properly, which will fail to cool the room. For a manual damper, try moving the lever or screw. If this doesn’t help, it could be mounted incorrectly. Motorized dampers often get stuck due to a failed motor that can’t receive signals or from debris lodged in it.

If there is too little or too much airflow, find the damper by following the ductwork with the unit running. Turn the lever or screw to the desired position. No airflow commonly means it needs inspecting.

For a motorized damper, turn the unit on and test all of the registers for airflow. If the room feels very drafty or is not getting to the proper temperature, consider replacing the dampers.

Call the Professionals

If you still experience issues, you may need a professional to perform an inspection. Dog House serves Freeport, ME and offers heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, and indoor air quality services. We also handle plumbing and indoor air quality issues as well. Visit our website for online specials, or give us a call with any questions today!

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